"Industrialisation of a Multi-MW Medium-Speed Brushless DFIG Drivetrain for Wind Turbines"

Windrive is a European consortium aiming to industrialise a 3 MW medium-speed Brushless DFIG for wind turbine applications. It is funded by the EU FP7 programme and comprises seven partners. The project is expected to deliver all its outcomes by April 2015. For further information about the project, click here.

20 kW wind turbine fitted with a Brushless DFIG, Cambridge, UK

Summary of the project:


The Windrive project aims to further develop the Brushless DFIG generator technology for widespread implementation in wind turbines, moving it from the laboratory to an optimized industrial-scale machine for multi-megawatt (MW) wind turbines.


The proposed medium-speed drivetrain incorporates the following components:

  • Medium-speed Brushless DFIG, excluding brush gear and slip rings, known to have a high failure rate.
  • Partially (typically a third) rated power converter;
  • Two-stage gearbox, excluding the third high-speed stage, known to have the highest failure rate in the gearbox.
250 kW Brushless DFIG mounted on a test rig

The technology is proven in concept on a small-scale, including a 20 kW prototype wind turbine and most recently, a 250 kW prototype generator on test bed. However, there is a lack of an industrial-scale size machine to prove the technology on multi-megawatt platform.


A Wikipedia link for the project can be found here.

Consortium Members:

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Research & Technical Development Partners (RTDs)

Large Enterprise